Anti-bullying youth creative challenge

This is from Antyx. Please post on the website and Facebook. The event is next weekend, in preparation for Pink Shirt Day promotions later this month. Registration and waivers are required.

The Pink Shirt YYC Partner Collaborative is hosting our annual Pink Shirt event. This year we are holding space for youth to voice about bullying, talk about how to make a difference and a safe world for youth in this city and country, through a weekend creative challenge to create anti-bullying pieces to make social change. Youth who register for the weekend will be able to talk about the most important issues to them regarding bullying. (Eg. Safety, Mental Health, discrimination, inclusion/exclusion, micro-agressions, unconscious bias, etc.)

Through the weekend we will facilitate conversations on bullying and how we can make change using digital art. Youth will then get the opportunity to be mentored by digital artists and community partners to create a piece of their own. We hope to end the weekend with some videos, podcasts, photo voice projects and/or spoken word pieces. All work will be launched and showcased digitally across multiple partner platforms the week of Feb 24.

Dates: Feb 13/14

Ages: 12-24

Time: 12-3pm each day

Where: Zoom session

Cost: FREE, actually we may be able to pay them!

potential TBD youth honorariums, still waiting for confirmation from.

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