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Calgary Youth Sketchbook Collection

Hey friends, You have probably heard me talk for like two months about this Sketchbook Collection. I have attached a description about our project. Short story though- we are creating a collection of youth sketchbooks to be on permanent display at the Calgary Public Libray. I know! Pretty awesome! 😄 If you have an artsy teen, we will have:

  • FREE- weekly online meet up for artsy teens to be mentored by Antyx artists to complete their sketchbook. Art packs included.

  • FREE- Four + mini camps online (3 days, 1.5 hours a day) for artsy teens to be mentored by Antyx artists to complete their sketchbook. Art packs included.

  • Monthly online art jams for kids to tune into with their sketchbooks to finish some pages (art packs not included and they will have gotten them from another option)

Additional options for you if you have LOTS of creative teens!!!!

  • we can send 1-2 artists to your teen group, for FREE, yes FREE.... with art packs for your kids. Yes FREE ART PACKS TOO!!! To run a 1, 2 or 3 part session. Yes, that is right, you read that right... we are giving free programming and FREE art packs for you to suppliment your exsisting camps. No strings attached!

  • well two strings... 1. you will get the art packs to your kids and collect the sketchbooks back in september for us. 2. we will need a release waiver signed by kids/parents where they understand they are releasing the book ownership over to the library after.

Steph, SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! How do I get in on this madness?! Email me the dates/times you want us to come to your group and I will book 1-2 of my contract artist facilitators to come. We are booking 1/1.5 or 2 hour sessions, and we can come one, two or three times to the same group. Send me the number of teens 12-20 you expecting. We can sort out art packs once we have your timeline set up. We can do this until we run out of art packs, so first come first serve. Dates:

  1. July/Aug/Sept- youth get art packs and fill up books online and offline

  2. Collection date of all sketchbooks- Sept 30

  3. Install of collection- Oct 2021

Art packs have: 1 5x7" sketchbook, 2 drawings pencils (2H, 2b), one eraser, one 12 pack watercolour pencil crayons (are they paint, are they pencil, they are BOTH!) , one 12 pack markers.

CYSC Description
Download DOCX • 317KB

Stephanie Banszky (she/her) Community Engagement Coordinator 403-444-0500 Ext 2 #205, 4202 17th Ave SE

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