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CIWA Cross Cultural Parenting Program

CIWA Cross Cultural Parenting Program

Parenting Groups to end April 2020

Parenting Teens and Pre-teens Thursday evenings, starting February 25 (online)

Spanish Group Monday and Wednesday evenings, starting March 17

Arabic Group Tuesdays, starting April 6 (online)

Daytime English Group Thursdays, starting April 8 (online)

Saturday English Group Saturday mornings, starting April 17

Hindi Parent Support Group Next group in April, date to be announced

Mandarin Group Next group in April, date to be announced

French Group Date to be announced


Filipino Father’s Workshop March 6 (online)

Positive Discipline (Filipino families) March 20 (online)

Managing Screen Time Date to be announced

Workshop for parents

Cross Cultural Parenting Workshops for Service Providers

Online Service Provider workshop series (next workshop in July 2021)

For registration or further information, please contact Fiona Hayes, Coordinator, Cross Cultural Parenting Program, at 403-263-4414, extension 160 or

*Please note that CIWA parenting groups are free to immigrant clients; online sessions are normally 2-2.5 hours long, with individualized support available by appointment. Customized programs are also available to community groups.

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