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Kids Up Front - Resources & Birthday Wishes

Some resources to share with you this morning:

Weekly Kids At Home ResourcesUpdated Every Monday

  • There’s a chill in the air and Fall is here. Kids at Home is helping you make the most of sweater weather with these seasonal activities. Take a walk outside and enjoy the beauty of the season with a colour-inspired scavenger hunt. Bring home some leaves and use nature’s beauty in your newest craft project. Reflect on your experiences with interactive mindfulness activities and suggestions.

  • Find the Weekly Resources HERE!

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Mobility For Good – TELUS & Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada

  • For youth leaving foster care, their phone can be their lifeline, helping them build credit, search for somewhere to live, find education and job opportunities, and stay in touch with friends and vital support networks. A collaboration between TELUS and Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada (CAFC) and select Centre de Jeunesse Foundations, Mobility for GoodTM helps these kids across Canada achieve independence by providing them with a free phone and a $0 plan, including 3 GB of data for two years.

  • More information on eligibility and the application process can be found HERE!

  • Watch how our Mobility for Good program is making a positive difference in communities across Canada HERE!

Kids Up Front Birthday Wishes Call Out – Ongoing 2020

  • As Kids Up Front celebrates our 20th birthday this year, we are also looking to fill birthday wishes for some deserving kiddos! Prior to COVID-19, we had put a call out for birthday requests and we are excited to pick up this opportunity once again. We recently received a generous donation of toys (appropriate for ages 4-8 years) and are in the brainstorming phase of creating birthday excitement which means we are in need of your feedback!

  • Have a child or youth with an upcoming birthday? Do they have a special wish or story you can share? Let us know and tell us what they are most in need of:

    • Birthday Party Gifts

    • Birthday Party Decorations

    • Birthday Party Crafts

    • Birthday Party Grab Bags

  • Please send me your requests and include a special story about the child/youth, their first name, age, and birthdate for our team to review as we plan to bring some birthday wishes to life! While we cannot promise anything to your kids and families, please be cautious not to do so as well. We are in the beginning phases of this project and do not want to let anyone down. We will do our absolute best to make something happen for the special requests we receive, but we appreciate your patience as we work hard to start the initiative. The more details you can provide, the better we can plan.

Hope everyone has an amazing start to their week.

Quote for the day:

“Each time you try something for the first time, you will grow – a little piece of the fear of the unknown is removed and replaced with a sense of empowerment.” ~ Annette White

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