I'm the founder and editor of an emerging magazine called Living Hyphen.

We explore the experiences of hyphenated Canadians - that is, individuals who call Canada home but with roots elsewhere.

The magazine is a collection of works from artists and writers from all across Canada with reflections on what it means to live a life in between cultures. You can learn more at

I wanted to get in touch because we have an open call for submissions for our next issue and was hoping you could share it with your networks at Action Dignity. This is a paid opportunity for Canadian artists and writers of all experience levels – amateur, emerging, or established!

Our theme for Issue 2 is "Across Generations" and we are looking for intergenerational stories of what it means to live in between cultures.

We accept poetry, short stories and other creative writing, essays, illustrations, other visual art, and photography.

You can learn more about Living Hyphen’s theme, rates, and guidelines at

Would you be able to share this opportunity with your networks?

We've created this promo kit complete with sample posts for social media, templates for Instagram stories, and other images for social sharing.

Please feel free to use anything and everything provided here! 

I'd also really love to find other ways we might be able to collaborate.

If you'd be open to a call to discuss intersections in our work, please let me know. Always happy to connect! 

Thank you so much for your consideration! Hope to hear from you soon! 



Justine Abigail Yu


Founder & Editor

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