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Questions on utility bills? -- wondering if this is big in your communities April 13


We've been hearing lots of questions on the bills -- about the fees, how to get the best rate, how to save energy. So we put together a panel to answer people's questions on this directly. It's a free Webinar April 13.

The guests include the utilities consumer advocate, a client advocate from Rise Calgary and an Energy Mentor from Empower Me.

Is that something you could share with community members?

Details are here:

Direct link to register here:

Graphic -- translated

Second, we're going to use this online webinar and the research we've been doing to create some easy to read graphics on understanding utility bills.

CLIP has put in some money to get this translated into five languages, which they're going to pick based on their knowledge of who needs it most. Is that also something you'd be interested in helping distribute? I'm hoping I can send them to you when they're ready.

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