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YW’s Family Access Services

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

YW’s Family Access (Visitation) Services provides safe, supported and supervised visitation and monitored exchange services for families who are going through difficult family transitions. 

We provide on-site supervised visitation services in a safe and secure building when contact between a parent and child must be supervised, and safe and conflict free monitored exchanges when visits can be unsupervised, but parents are prohibited from having direct contact or have requested no contact with the other parent.  The program is voluntary and a court order is not required to access services.

YW Family Access Services supports families experiencing:

- Domestic violence, other family conflict or safety issues

- Custody and access issues

- Court order or voluntary requirements where visits with children must be supervised or exchanges monitored

- Court order requirements where contact is prohibited between parents

To learn more or register by calling 403-206-2767.

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