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Action Dignity COVID-19 Online Resource Package

Note: If your community is offering supports to community members during the COVID-19 pandemic and you would like to advertise here, of if you notice errors in this document, please contact ActionDignity at

A. First Language Information Packages and COVID-19 Updates

Community groups, organizations and individuals can use these links to find trusted information in different languages and share it with their community members.

First Language COVID-19 Information Packages Downloadable Videos and Tip Sheets, World Health Organization - packages available for 37 languages

Alberta Health COVID-19 Information and Updates Webpages, Alberta Health Services – English, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Punjabi, Spanish, Tigrinya, Vietnamese, Somali

WhatsAPP WHO COVID-19 Health Alert Instructions to Join, World Health Organization - Arabic, French, Spanish, English, more languages may be added

Viber WHO COVID-19 Chatbot Information and Link to join, World Health Organization – English, Russian, Arabic, more than 20 languages to be added

B. What is COVID-19

Here are some facts about the COVID-19 virus and its impacts.

Facts about COVID-19 Tip Sheet, Government of Canada - available in 17 languages

About COVID-19 Tip Sheet, Government of Canada - available in 23 languages

Be Prepared for COVID-19 Tip Sheet, Government of Canada - available in 23 languages

True and Fake Information About COVID-19 Website, World Health Organization

C. Prevention and Care for COVID-19 Prevent COVID-19

These tips will help prevent getting and spreading COVID-19.

Preventing COVID-19 Videos, World Health Organization

Isolation and Self Distancing Videos, Centre for Newcomers – Tigrinya, Hindi, Cantonese, Bengali, Amharic, Spanish, Punjabi, Farsi, Mandarin

Physical or Social Distancing Tip Sheet, Government of Canada - English, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, German, Italian, Polish

Impact of Social Distancing Information Sheet, Kalispell Health Region, USA

Quarantine for Returning Travellers Without Symptoms Tip Sheet, Government of Canada • Handwashing Video, Government of Canada 4

Handwashing Tip Sheet, Government of Canada - available in 23 languages

Grocery Shopping Tips Poster, Alberta Health

Public Transportation Tips Poster, Alberta Health

Elevators Tips Poster, Alberta Health

For People At High Risk of Serious Illness Tip Sheet, Government of Canada

When and How to Use Masks Videos and Tip Sheets, World Health Organization

When Someone is Sick

When you or a household member has symptoms of COVID-19 or has tested positive, the following resources can help you decide what to do, how to isolate, and how to care for the person who is sick.

COVID-19 Self-Assessment Test To help decide if you or someone else needs to be tested • Health Link Phone 811 if you have health concerns for yourself or someone else. If it is a medical emergency, call 911.

How to Isolate at Home When You Have COVID-19 Tip Sheet, Government of Canada – available in 20 languages

How to Care for a Person with COVID-19 at Home Tip Sheet, Government of Canada - available in 20 languages

How to Care for a Child with COVID-19 at Home Tip Sheet, Government of Canada

Caring for Yourself at Home with COVID-19 Tip Sheet, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - English, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean

Other Multilingual Tip Sheets Switchboard Multilingual Resources - available in many languages

Other Tip sheets About COVID-19 Government of Canada

D. Well Being and Mental Health

Mental Health

These are tips for managing stress, staying positive and taking care of thoughts and emotions for ourselves and others during the pandemic. Of course, YouTube also has many online activities for yoga, workouts and other sessions for individuals or the whole family. You can also take walks around your community if you have no symptoms of illness as long as you maintain 6-feet distance with other people.

6 Tips for Coping with COVID-19 Stress Tip Sheet, Mission Health, North Carolina

Coping with Stress During COVID-19 Tip Sheet, World Health Organization

Ways to Cope Tip Sheet, Kalispell Regional Health Care, USA 5

Keep Calm and Focus on What You Can Control Tip Sheet, Montana Children’s Org

Helping the Elderly Stay Emotionally Connected Tip Sheet, Kalispell Regional Health, USA • COVID-19 and Your Mental Health Information Sheet, Alberta Health

Practical and Emotional Preparedness for a Pandemic Information Sheet, Alberta Health

Text4Hope Subscribe to receive free, supportive text messages. Alberta Health

Family Well Being

These useful tips can help keep the home organized and stress-free! Included are tips on parenting during home isolation, family activities, dealing with stress, supporting children with special needs, and managing the switch to online schooling.

Parenting in the Time of COVID-19 Tip Sheets, World Health Organization

At Home Activities for Families Website, Between Friends

Keeping Kids Busy at Home Tip Sheet, Kalispell Regional Health, USA

Helping Children Cope with Stress During COVID-19 Tip Sheet, World Health Organization • Supporting Families During COVID-19, Including Children with Special Needs Website with Videos and Tips, Child Mind Institute

Learning from Home Guidelines for Students and Parents Website, Alberta Education

At Home Activities for Families Website, Between Friends

Staying Connected with Others

Staying connected is very important at this time of home-isolation. Here are some helpful tips to stay connected with family, friends, community members and colleagues.

I Can Help Flyer Mailbox Flyer

How to Stay Connected During Self Isolation Picture Ideas, Drawing Change

Staying Connected with Face to Face Technology Poster, Westpark Healthcare Centre, Toronto

Social Distancing Not Emotional Distancing Tip Sheet, Kalispell Regional Health, USA

Using WhatsApp to Stay Connected Information and Ideas, WhatsApp

E. Government Assistance and Financial Supports

The Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments have programs and supports in place to help people during the pandemic.

How to Create Personal Accounts to Apply for Government Assistance

CRA My Account is needed to apply for assistance provided by the Government of Canada - to create an account, visit CRA My Account for Individuals

MADI is needed to apply for assistance provided by the Alberta Government.

Overviews of Government Assistance and Financial Supports

Multilingual Financial Resources Website with Links, Calgary Local Immigration Partnership (CLIP)

Service Canada Access to the Government of Canada’s many online services and financial supports.

Income Supports for Workers During COVID Questions and Answers Website, CUPE

Details of Government Assistance and Financial Supports

Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) Service Canada Temporary income support of $500 a week for up to 16 weeks for people who have stopped working and are without employment or self-employment income for reasons related to COVID-19.

Online request for help from Service Canada Complete the online request and Service Canada will contact you within 2 days.

Alberta Emergency Isolation Support Government of Alberta A one-time payment of up to $1,146 from the Alberta Government available now to Albertans who lose income as a result of self-isolation. It is designed to help people until Federal Government programs are available.

Canada Employment Insurance (EI) Regular Benefits Service Canada Please read the questions and answers on the CERB link above before applying for EI Regular Benefits.

Online request for help from Service Canada Complete the online request and Service Canada will contact you within 2 days. 7

Canada Employment Insurance (EI) Sickness Benefits Service Canada If you are sick, quarantined or have been directed to self-isolate the requirement to provide a medical certificate to access EI sickness benefits will be waived.

Alberta Utility Payment Deferral (pay later) People and small businesses who cannot pay their utility and natural gas bills because of the COVID-19 pandemic can delay their payments for 90 days until June 19. You will not be required to pay the full amount on June 19. o to apply, contact your electricity or natural gas provider (list phone numbers?)

Mortgage Payment Deferral Information Sheet, Enough for All – English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog, Tigrinya,

Security for Alberta Renters Information on Changes for COVID-19, Government of Alberta • Alberta Student Loans Payment Deferral and National Student Loans Payment Deferral Alberta and Canada student loan repayments will be stopped until September 30, 2020. This is automatic, students do not need to apply.

Other Government of Canada Support for Individuals Increased Canada Child Benefit, Special GST Credit, Extra Time to File Income Tax Returns

Parents who are core service workers will be told by their employers if they qualify to send their children to re-opened childcare centres. Health-care practitioners and critical infrastructure workers have first priority, followed by first responders (firefighters and police officers) and others.

Calgary Arts Development (CADA)

F. Community Supports for Basic Needs, Settlement and Other Supports

Many service organizations and community supports are shifting the way they operate or offering new supports so they can continue being helpful during the pandemic. Below are some helpful links.

Alberta 211 or phone 211 List of Service Providers, City of Calgary – phone support available in 170 languages

COVID-19 Community and Settlement Resources for Newcomers List of Helpful Links, Immigrant Services Calgary

Laptop Computer Needs During COVID-19 Website Application Form, Electronic Recycling Association 8

Seniors Grocery and Medicine Delivery With delivery fee. Phone (403) 234-6571, Thrive

Free Income Tax Filing for Low-Income Community Volunteer Income Tax Program

• Resident PLEX Free Food Pantries phone 587-578-4723

Greater Forest Lawn Parent Support Network

G. Community Action in Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 Community Survey for Ethnocultural Groups, Organizations and Individuals

We are reaching out to understand how this crisis is affecting ethnocultural communities. Your answers will help us identify needs, gaps and issues, as well as opportunities, positive experiences and community actions that are helping communities. If you haven’t answered the survey yet, please do by clicking here. This is an ongoing survey and we will be checking the results weekly. Click here for a summary of survey results so far.

What Communities Can Do

Here are some action ideas that organizations, individuals and informal groups can do to continue building and enriching community spirits and support.

Community Action Response Ideas Poster, Eden Project Communities, United Kingdom

Organize Social Media Group Chats - Create group chats (group messaging) via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, etc. with groups of people who are lonely or isolated and have smart phones

HouseParty App Join up to 8 people together with video and sound through iOS, Android, macOS, Chrome • ZOOM Online Meetings Video Tutorials

5 x 5 x 5 Community Engagement Plan

Organize volunteers to connect with 5 individuals or groups to check how they are and if they have urgent needs. Ask those 5 individuals or groups to check with 5 others. Essentially, each person will check on 1 other person each day or week to build community connections. Communities may want to prioritize those who are more isolated or need peer support.

• Translate Information and Resources Volunteer to translate the most useful resources into your community’s first language(s) and share with community members, groups and organizations.

• Volunteer

Check back here for community volunteer opportunities related to COVID-19.

Community Action Stories

ActionDignity is gathering stories about what community groups and organizations are doing to address needs and offer supports and encouragement during this pandemic. Please check back here for stories that inspire. To share your stories, please contact

Funding Opportunities for Community Actions

Here are some local funding opportunities for community groups and organizations. Some of them require registration as a charity or partnership with a charitable organization.

Calgary Foundation Small grants from $100 – $600 to provide residents with funds to implement creative projects that benefit their local community. Individuals, informal groups, formal non-profits, or registered charities can apply.

Neighbourhood Grants City of Calgary

Small grant for up to $1,000 for residents of selected neighbourhoods to address Truth and Reconciliation, social inclusion and community economic development.

Small to medium grants for registered charities or partnerships with registered charities.

Organizations with a charitable number or a formal partner sponsorship agreement with a registered charity can apply for funding support to meet immediate community needs related to COVID-19. For information, visit.

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